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        1.Service purpose

        The main purpose of pre-sale service is to let customers fully understand our products through communication with customers, systematically analyze customer demand, and help customers to purchase products well, so that our products can meet the needs of users to the maximum extent, and also make customers' investment play the greatest comprehensive economic benefits.

        2.Product consultation

        Fully understand customer needs and use environment, help customers understand our company's products, including product category, specification, product performance, use environment, supporting products, etc. Help customers choose matching scheme, such as product type, performance, parameters, etc.

        3.Technical consultation

        Provide technical support for customers, including technical parameters, product performance, service life, product compatibility.


        Service purpose: Fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough.

        Service objectives: Service quality to win customer satisfaction.

        service efficiency: In case of equipment failure within or outside the warranty period, the supplier shall send professional technical service personnel to solve the problem on site after receiving the notice, 24 hours to arrive at the scene (48 hours for a long way), and do not leave the service staff until the problem is solved.

        Service principle: The warranty period of the product is 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the parts damaged due to quality reasons free of charge. For the damage of spare parts beyond the warranty period, the company, in line with the long-term cooperative relationship with customers, only costs are charged for the accessories provided. If the equipment is damaged due to human factors of the demander, the parts repaired or provided by the supplier shall be priced according to the cost.

        The company provides free technical after-sales service training for customers, so that they can have a deeper understanding of the valve, let them work better for you, and relieve your worries.

        Join in us
        We sincerely invite you and your team to join us!

        In order to speed up the development of our company, we invite you and your team to join us.

        Our company will never set up 2 or more than 2 sales agents in the same prefecture level city, to ensure the uniqueness of joining partners, at the same time, the agency system of our company is definitely very advantageous, to partners will love to assist, increase the local market share, specific agency system and agency area please call for advice.

        Welcome to Zhejiang Zhedong Valve Co., Ltd.

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